Two Years On

Over the past two years we’ve planned, researched, raised our start up funding – and of course we’ve designed our first collection.

Once we started putting the designs on paper the ideas came thick and fast, and the real challenge was deciding what to include in the first collection and what to leave out. Having decided on our designs we researched fabric suppliers and manufacturers. We are passionate about supporting British industry and were delighted to discover superb quality wool, silk and cotton in the most gorgeous colours, being produced in the UK. We also identified English manufacturers to make our dresses.

We found an excellent pattern cutter to interpret our designs and produce the patterns, from which we made our Toiles [where the dresses are made up in calico].  

At the first fitting of the Toiles on our sample model we got an impression of how the dresses would look – and they looked great.  Calico is an unforgiving fabric; it doesn’t drape, pleat or hang like a good quality silk or wool would, but as our pattern cutter said ‘if they look good in calico they’ll look good in anything! We could see some minor adjustments were needed and the pattern cutter took her marker pen and scissors to our Toiles, adjusting an armhole here and a hemline there, we looked on as our precious Toiles were marked up, chopped and pinned.

After a final check of the revised Toiles it was off to the manufacturer with the patterns and all our beautiful fabrics for a full set of pre production samples. We should see the dresses in the actual fabrics at then end of next week. We are beyond excited!

Our communications team is building our website and our holding page has just gone live ( We are currently planning our (very glamorous) photo shoot – but more on this to follow soon…                                                                                    


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