A very glamorous photo shoot

So, the pattern grading has been done and the dresses for our photo shoot are in production.

Since we’re all about grown up glamour for real women, we have always planned to use non professional models in our photo shoot. We know that other labels have started using real women in their campaigns too, and that’s a positive and encouraging development.  It’s good to see brands recognising the need to connect with their customers in this way and it’s exciting for us to be part of this movement too.

But ours won’t be just another ‘real women’ shoot. We’ve got something very glamorous planned.

We have retained a whole team of talented people to bring our look to life: A top flight photographer and her team; hair and make up artists; two milliners who are kindly letting us use some of their achingly glamorous hats and a young shoe designer who is designing some shoes especially for our models. We’re also currently sourcing interesting props too to create a real story around each picture.

We’ve been casting from a group of lovely ladies – some mums, some career women, some both. We have artists, musicians and business women of all ages – and sizes.

The shoot will take place in early December and we can’t wait to see the results!

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