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Our turn in front of the camera

We wanted some pictures of ourselves for our website so last week it was our turn for the photo treatment. We went back to Julia Boggio’s studio where Kaz Fernando got to work on us! It’s such a luxury to sit down for a couple of hours and have someone else do your hair make up – we both agreed it would be marvellous to have that every day!

It’s also a great opportunity to pick up some beauty tips and get the low down on the professionals’ favourite products – we made lots of notes…

One tip which we were really impressed with was ‘flat lining’;  it involves using a flat eyeliner brush (Mac 212 was Kaz’s choice) and a gel or liquid eyeliner (Laura Mercier does an excellent powder eyeliner that you mix with water to get the right consistency) and you push the eyeliner in between your upper eyelashes. It really brings out your eyes, makes your eyeliner look more intense and your lashes denser. It’s also ideal if you’re rushing out with no time to do a full makeup as it’s a really quick way to emphasise your eyes.

Another tip courtesy of Kaz is to put mascara on the ends of your lashes first to lengthen them, and then build up the density from the roots.

Kaz uses a lot of Mac and Benefit products; some of the ones she swears by and we really liked are:

  • Benefit ‘Stay don’t stray’ which is great as a base for eye shadow, it really anchors it so it stays put all day, and you can also use it under concealer to help that stay in place too
  • Benefit ‘Pore Fessional’ conceals pores and smoothes appearance of fine lines
  • Mac Taupe eye shadow for contouring socket lines
  • Benefit blusher in Sugarbomb
  • Laura Mercier lip liner in Beige; good for camouflaging your natural lip line so you can create a fuller lipped look

 Of course we had to be photographed in our signature red lipstick and Kaz had done her homework, finding the perfect shade – Mac ‘Cockney’ – to match the red we use in our logo.

 So we were painted and primped  and weighted down with lashings of  lashes (we just love false eyelashes, the quickest and easiest way to glam up for the evening – just add a strip of falsies, or even a few individual lashed is you’ve a steady hand). Then it was our turn in front of the camera both wearing our Peacock dress, Marilyn in the rich green and Jane in blue.

 We have to take our hats off to professional models, holding a pose, and a smile for any length of time is really hard work – and cramp inducing too! We had such fun though, and we got some great shots.

So now it’s all about putting the finishing touches to the website ready for our launch early next year. We can’t wait, we are beyond excited.

Have a very glamorous Christmas X

Last day of a very glamorous photo shoot

                                                                                                                                                          Day three started with our gorgeous tree surgeon, Sally. With her glamorous make over we all thought she looked very Sophia Loren-esque. She was stunning in our lipstick red wool sleeveless dress with long leather gloves and a very cute red cocktail hat by Jane Taylor Millinery.

Next it was our singer, Sophie. Her transformation was amazing, she has fabulous bone structure and dark hair and her bright, Violet dress really worked spectacularly with her colouring and figure. She wore a tiny Jane Taylor cocktail hat in Violet and black, and of course, those long leather gloves.

Our final model was another incredible transformation; Annette is a very pretty accountant, with the kind of looks that need little make up really. However, when she had her sophisticated, grown up make up on, she looked utterly beautiful. She wore a sleeveless Violet figure hugging shift, an amazing black feathered hat by Victoria Grant and leather gloves.

By the end of the three days the team was thoroughly exhausted, but also elated. It had gone so well and our models all looked so fabulous – our make up artist Kaz Fernanado  is a genius, but she did have some great material to work with! It was like spending three days immersed in one of those TV makeover programmes, really exciting. We can’t wait to see the results on our website when it goes live in January.

A very glamorous photo shoot: day 2

Day two started with our 6’ tall blonde goddess, Hannah; a sculptor and (larger than) life model, and great fun too.

She posed in classic style in one of our full skirted cotton halter neck dresses complete with enormous straw sun hat and chic little wrist length white lace gloves. Very French Riviera!

Next came Joanne, our restaurateur. This shot had posed some problems for us in terms of locating a suitable prop for her to pose with. Eventually we came up with the idea of using a lobster; our lovely photographer, Julia Boggio – – suggested it may be simpler and easier to source a ‘fake’ lobster. Great idea we thought so we duly located one (it’s amazing what you can find on the ‘web these days isn’t it?) and waited for it to arrive. Only, it didn’t, the snow did. The result was that the suppliers of said lobster, said ‘we can’t guarantee delivery’. So we had to cancel the order and re order a real, cooked one. We had to collect it three days before the shoot so it was despatched to the freezer for the duration only coming out on the day of the shoot packed in ice. Jane’s husband was determined we shouldn’t waste a good lobster and was keen to have it for supper that night so we were instructed in no uncertain terms to make sure  it stayed thoroughly cold all day, no mean feet in a hot studio! The shoot went beautifully with Joanne looking amazing in a fitted, collared dress, long leather gloves and a gorgeous hat by Victoria Grant – The lobster behaved impeccably and was apparently very tasty indeed when Jane’s husband ate it for supper!

Our final model of the day was Jane. A data solutions manager with a passion for statistics, she made good use of her own in a cotton print dress with full circle skirt and a scooped back neckline. Our milliner friend Jane Taylor made us a beautiful, large straw ‘saucer’ style hat trimmed with feathers which complemented the dress perfectly; the perfect look for a garden party, summer wedding or, perhaps,  Henley regatta.


Day 1 of our very glamorous photoshoot

So the stage was set for our glamorous photo shoot. The props had all been sourced, the schedule drawn up and the beautiful hats supplied by our lovely milliners. The shoot had been planned with military precision – it had to be with so many models and such a tight timeframe. Everything was ready and then just a few days before we were due to start the shoot the snow came. We  had sleepless nights until it thawed and the 5 day forecast predicted an end to the arctic weather, at least for the duration of our shoot.

Day 1

The big day arrived and so, bright and early did our first ‘model’ the gorgeous Cathy, a professional violinist. Day one was to be our busiest with four models to shoot.

The amazing Kaz Fernando our make up artist worked her magic and Cathy was transformed, she really looked like an old style Hollywood movie star, very Ava Gardener we felt. She posed with her violin, looking stunning in our rich green ‘Peacock’ dress, contrasted with long blue gloves. She wore an amazing hat of peacock feathers, courtesy of Jane Taylor Millinery – – which worked perfectly with the green of the dress, the colours really suited her.

Our next model was Elsie Diamond our burlesque artist.  She posed with an ostrich feather fan – she was a natural with it and looked every bit the vintage queen in our vampy black dress with its square neckline and fluted skirt. She wore it with long black leather gloves and a charming little black cocktail hat with eye veil. Just too glamorous for words.

Our third model was the cool, blonde Suzanne, a chartered surveyor. She wore our grey, classically elegant day dress with three quarter sleeves, teamed with long black leather gloves and a grey straw and feather concoction of a hat by Jane Taylor Millinery; she had a real Grace Kelly look about her, groomed and sophisticated.

Lyndsey, a keen golfer, was our final model of the day. She looked effortlessly sophisticated and ready for cocktails in our heavy black cotton sleeveless dress, with long bronze leather gloves and leather and veiled cocktail hat by Jane Taylor Millinery.

The day seemed to rush past in a haze of make up and hairspray. Each woman was transformed into the epitome of grown up glamour. Everyone played their part perfectly; we even managed to keep to schedule. In a flash the first day was over, bring on day two …