A very glamorous photo shoot: day 2

Day two started with our 6’ tall blonde goddess, Hannah; a sculptor and (larger than) life model, and great fun too.

She posed in classic style in one of our full skirted cotton halter neck dresses complete with enormous straw sun hat and chic little wrist length white lace gloves. Very French Riviera!

Next came Joanne, our restaurateur. This shot had posed some problems for us in terms of locating a suitable prop for her to pose with. Eventually we came up with the idea of using a lobster; our lovely photographer, Julia Boggio – www.juliaboggiostudios.com – suggested it may be simpler and easier to source a ‘fake’ lobster. Great idea we thought so we duly located one (it’s amazing what you can find on the ‘web these days isn’t it?) and waited for it to arrive. Only, it didn’t, the snow did. The result was that the suppliers of said lobster, said ‘we can’t guarantee delivery’. So we had to cancel the order and re order a real, cooked one. We had to collect it three days before the shoot so it was despatched to the freezer for the duration only coming out on the day of the shoot packed in ice. Jane’s husband was determined we shouldn’t waste a good lobster and was keen to have it for supper that night so we were instructed in no uncertain terms to make sure  it stayed thoroughly cold all day, no mean feet in a hot studio! The shoot went beautifully with Joanne looking amazing in a fitted, collared dress, long leather gloves and a gorgeous hat by Victoria Grant – www.victoriagrant.co.uk. The lobster behaved impeccably and was apparently very tasty indeed when Jane’s husband ate it for supper!

Our final model of the day was Jane. A data solutions manager with a passion for statistics, she made good use of her own in a cotton print dress with full circle skirt and a scooped back neckline. Our milliner friend Jane Taylor made us a beautiful, large straw ‘saucer’ style hat trimmed with feathers which complemented the dress perfectly; the perfect look for a garden party, summer wedding or, perhaps,  Henley regatta.


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