Last day of a very glamorous photo shoot

                                                                                                                                                          Day three started with our gorgeous tree surgeon, Sally. With her glamorous make over we all thought she looked very Sophia Loren-esque. She was stunning in our lipstick red wool sleeveless dress with long leather gloves and a very cute red cocktail hat by Jane Taylor Millinery.

Next it was our singer, Sophie. Her transformation was amazing, she has fabulous bone structure and dark hair and her bright, Violet dress really worked spectacularly with her colouring and figure. She wore a tiny Jane Taylor cocktail hat in Violet and black, and of course, those long leather gloves.

Our final model was another incredible transformation; Annette is a very pretty accountant, with the kind of looks that need little make up really. However, when she had her sophisticated, grown up make up on, she looked utterly beautiful. She wore a sleeveless Violet figure hugging shift, an amazing black feathered hat by Victoria Grant and leather gloves.

By the end of the three days the team was thoroughly exhausted, but also elated. It had gone so well and our models all looked so fabulous – our make up artist Kaz Fernanado  is a genius, but she did have some great material to work with! It was like spending three days immersed in one of those TV makeover programmes, really exciting. We can’t wait to see the results on our website when it goes live in January.

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