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Wimbledon Chic

It’s Wimbledon fortnight and after a week of torrential downpours there is every chance that for once, we may have some lovely weather down in SW19.

So, what to wear?

The pure cotton Lana dress is the perfect match for wardrobe dilemmas of the tennis watching kind. Choose it in white (naturally) and you’ll look as cool and crisp as the players on Centre Court. With large lapels, a double breasted front fastening and full circle skirt  it oozes  tailored glamour and its pure silk lining means it’s not only gorgeous to look at but it’s gorgeous to wear too.

If the weather’s really fine team it with a natural straw sunhat, or if it’s cooler, wear a cardigan over the top – wear the dress lapels and belt over the cardigan, or drape it loosely around your shoulders and add a headscarf for Audrey Hepburn chic.

A dress to love indeed!

A rainy day at Royal Ascot

The fabulous Miss Ballooniverse at a rainy Royal Ascot in our Peacock dress and inflatable accessories!

The ‘Result’ Dress

My best friend doesn’t seek the limelight, she allows me to shine. She goes with me everywhere, pointing out my best features to everyone.

My best friend is my confidante,  she knows all my secrets. She hugs me and moulds me; she gives me confidence when I need it.

My best friend never lets me down, she’s always there for me. I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend.

My best friend is fun, beautiful and patient; my best friend is – a great dress.

We have been pondering of late on the power of the dress and in particular, what we like to call the ‘result’ dress.

It’s incredible when you think about just how much power a dress can have.  Kate, then Middleton, caught her prince’s eye in one (hardly surprising though as she is such a stunner and the dress was transparent – a result dress to end all result dresses.) 

And as we now all know that dress led to another,  one which will be enshrined in history:  that gorgeous, 1950s inspired and Grace Kelly-esque bridal gown. In fact it’s clear that the Duchess of Cambridge totally understands the power of the dress. 

And history is full of result dresses. Think of Liz Hurley and that safety pin punk inspired dress, it completely turned her career around and you could say, changed her life.

 Marilyn Monroe was rarely photographed in   anything  other than a dress and 56 years later that picture of her in the white halter neck dress (a result dress if ever there was one) billowing up around her legs is still recognized by all.

But just what makes a result dress – it could be sexy or demure, dressy or casual. It depends of  course on the result you want,  be it to blow your partners socks off, win the contract or impress your child’s headmaster. A result dress makes an impact in the right way, it must work in harmony with you, it should never wear you. It should flatter, make you look fabulous and also, and this is essential if you’re aiming for a specific result, be appropriate for the circumstances.

The dress is the perfect garment for achieving results. It makes a statement.

It’s the single most valuable piece in your wardrobe; the best dresses are versatile too, able to achieve a variety of results. A great dress can take you from boardroom to cocktail bar, from lunch with the girls to a wedding, or the Royal Enclosure.  A great dress can showcase fabulous accessories or a statement hat for a special occasion. A great dress instantly solves that ‘what am I going to wear?’ dilemma – you can be perfectly turned out in an instant; fabulous heels and bag and you’re done. So think about your wardrobe strategy – and think about what results you want to achieve with it …