Jane & Marilyn at Henley Regatta

It was off to Henley Regatta earlier this month and thank heavens it was warm and dry. It’s a delightful event when the weather is kind but if it’s cold and wet it’s hopeless as there aren’t many paces to shelter and wellingtons take precedence over stilettoes!

It’s a really colourful occasion and one where the ladies have some serious competition in the colour stakes from the men in their striped blazers and ties (albeit with sometimes dubious colour combinations). 

On the Friday Jane reprised her Royal Ascot ensemble of blue Peacock dress, peacock feather hat, blue shoes and emerald green bag decorated with more peacock feathers. We met up with Jane & Marilyn model, customer and dear friend Suzanne who was looking gorgeous in her white Marilyn dress teamed with a charming pair of black and white spot sling back stilettoes, Louis Vuitton bag and large caramel coloured straw hat.

On the Saturday Jane wore the Joan dress in the vibrant blue print accessorized with a huge pale straw hat, cream bag and shoes and cream lace wrist length gloves – very Henley Regatta!

The stewards in the Stewards’ enclosure are absolute sticklers for the dress code – skirts must cover the knee – and it was a pleasure this year not to have the stress of worrying about our skirts being long enough and potentially bring turned away (which must be soooo embarrassing). We just sailed through the gates, supremely confident! 

It was definitely a vintage Regatta in more ways than one!

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