Day 1 of our very glamorous photoshoot

So the stage was set for our glamorous photo shoot. The props had all been sourced, the schedule drawn up and the beautiful hats supplied by our lovely milliners. The shoot had been planned with military precision – it had to be with so many models and such a tight timeframe. Everything was ready and then just a few days before we were due to start the shoot the snow came. We  had sleepless nights until it thawed and the 5 day forecast predicted an end to the arctic weather, at least for the duration of our shoot.

Day 1

The big day arrived and so, bright and early did our first ‘model’ the gorgeous Cathy, a professional violinist. Day one was to be our busiest with four models to shoot.

The amazing Kaz Fernando our make up artist worked her magic and Cathy was transformed, she really looked like an old style Hollywood movie star, very Ava Gardener we felt. She posed with her violin, looking stunning in our rich green ‘Peacock’ dress, contrasted with long blue gloves. She wore an amazing hat of peacock feathers, courtesy of Jane Taylor Millinery – – which worked perfectly with the green of the dress, the colours really suited her.

Our next model was Elsie Diamond our burlesque artist.  She posed with an ostrich feather fan – she was a natural with it and looked every bit the vintage queen in our vampy black dress with its square neckline and fluted skirt. She wore it with long black leather gloves and a charming little black cocktail hat with eye veil. Just too glamorous for words.

Our third model was the cool, blonde Suzanne, a chartered surveyor. She wore our grey, classically elegant day dress with three quarter sleeves, teamed with long black leather gloves and a grey straw and feather concoction of a hat by Jane Taylor Millinery; she had a real Grace Kelly look about her, groomed and sophisticated.

Lyndsey, a keen golfer, was our final model of the day. She looked effortlessly sophisticated and ready for cocktails in our heavy black cotton sleeveless dress, with long bronze leather gloves and leather and veiled cocktail hat by Jane Taylor Millinery.

The day seemed to rush past in a haze of make up and hairspray. Each woman was transformed into the epitome of grown up glamour. Everyone played their part perfectly; we even managed to keep to schedule. In a flash the first day was over, bring on day two …

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